I’ve gone to Optimum Health on and off over the last twenty years. I would highly recommend you give it a try if you have any ailment, pain or health related issue. I have severe arthritis in all of my joints and an autoimmune like illness that leaves me with low energy and a general malaise almost daily. I have been in constant pain for different parts of my body for twenty years. A visit with Margery at Optimum Health helps to give me back a semblance of a normal life. She has been very effective at relieving all kinds of pain, headaches and women’s issues and has given me more energy and leaves me able to live life rather than suffer. She’s helped where the MDs haven’t. I’ve had numerous surgeries regarding the arthritis and she helps me to stave off the other ones that I don’t want like spinal fusions and fusions in my feet and ankles. She’s helped me sleep better and helped me be almost asymptomatic regarding menapause. Plus she’s an awesome human. She’s quite interesting and you won’t regret a visit with her. Try one and I am sure you’ll be a client of hers, like I have been on and off over the last twenty years.

Mary Zimmer , Burlington,Vermont 

“I had acute neck pain that was excruciating. I felt 90% better after just 2 treatments at Optimum Heath Acupuncture.”

—Bob Livingstone, South Hero

“Optimum Health relieved all my Peri-Menopausal symptoms in less than a month, after 2 years of mood swings and hot flashes.” 

—Jenny Elsman, Postal Worker, Burlington

“I had a migraine all day and had taken prescription medicine which did not work. Thirty minutes after Margery placed the needles the headache and nausea were both gone.”

—Cydney Wolfe, Nutritionist at Fletcher Allen Hospital

“The Chinese herbal formula that Margery designed especially to deal with the chronic sinusitis I’ve had since childhood has given me relief like nothing else I’ve tried.”

—Lynn Brown, Interior Designer, Burlington

“Fatigue and minor depression have plagued me for years. The acupuncture treatment at Optimum Health has changed my life.” 

—Joseph O’Brien, Civil Engineer, Shelburne

“Margery’s treatments release the tension and stress in my lower back and shoulders, rejuvenating my aching body.”

—Michael Ristey, Contractor/Carpenter, Burlington