Using Acupuncture for Sinus Relief

Anyone who suffers from chronic sinusitis would  tell you that it is miserable. The symptoms include  headaches, facial pain and pressure and an inability to breathe, dizziness, sneezing, and an upset stomach.

Sinusitis  is an inflammation or swelling of the tissue lining the sinuses. Healthy sinuses are filled with air. But when they become blocked and filled with fluid, germs can grow and cause an infection. If the mucus is green or there is fever there is likely an infection, which should be looked at by your MD in case a course of antibiotics are needed.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been using Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs for over 3000 years, successfully treating this condition. The underlying cause of Sinusitis in Chinese Medicine is directly related to the Spleen Meridian. The Spleen’s  function according to acupuncture theory is instrumental in dealing with body fluids. One of the Spleen’s jobs in Traditional Chinese medicine is to transform and transport fluids in the body.  The spleen transforms food into Qi (vital energy) and the Spleen transports fluid throughout the body. When the transformation and transportation become impaired, fluids can accumulate and cause a buildup of damp and phlegm. If a patient has an underlying Spleen Qi deficiency and is predisposed to eating spicy and fatty foods and/or alcohol,  that patient then introduces an external heat to the equation. When you introduce heat, the fluids in your body dry up a and become stuck in the sinus cavities, this is known as damp heat. The build up of fluids in turn causes more pain and swelling in the mucous membranes of the sinuses.

A patient who presents with more cold damp symptoms presents differently. They may have more cold signs and symptoms such as chills, sneezing and coughing. In both instances either, damp heat or damp cold,  the chief organ system treated is the Spleen meridian. The Spleen points are located on the legs.  I would also use local sinus points on the face for localized pain and stuffiness. Strengthening the Spleen meridian with acupuncture and Chinese herbs will help the spleen do its job of managing the damp in the body and moving the fluid through the sinuses.

Patients often claim to feel relief after the first treatment and usually experience nasal drainage immediately, which aids in relieving painful pressure and helps with their ability to breathe.

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