Acupuncture For Cold And Flu

 By Margery Keasler 

College is starting and that means germs. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine are an effective method to prevent cold and flu. TCM says that we can build our interior strength and we are responsible for our own immunity. Strong immunity is the goal of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

College students are very susceptible to colds and flu. Statistics say a young adult will get 2 to 4 colds a year a toddler can get up to 7 colds a year. With Chinese medicine, I feel those numbers can be lessened by half for adults, and babies more than half.  College students are more susceptible to the cold and flu virus due to the stress of exams and social pressures.

Exam anxiety can lead to a weakened system. So the best way to avoid illness is to be proactive and manage stress and anxiety by getting acupuncture to regulate and strengthen your system, to avoid cold and flu.  If one does get sick with symptoms of cold and flu, acupuncture and Chinese herbs can relieve the symptoms and build your immunity to fight the virus. Stress is a major culprit in causing our systems to be weakened and vulnerable to viruses. At Optimum Health Acupuncture here in Burlington I tell my patients to be proactive. Regular exercise is also a very good way to stay healthy and well. Stress relievers like acupuncture are indispensable in our arsenal of ways to fight cold and flu.

I have found that making simple dietary changes symptoms such as sneezing, cough, stuffy head, chest congestion with sneezing can lessen significantly. These symptoms are signs of excess damp (phlegm) in the body. I would help the patient find ways to dry the damp in their bodies with herbs and acupuncture.  What are the signs of damp in Chinese medicine? A constant runny nose, ear symptoms like fluid in the ear, also waking up with a lot of phlegm in the morning. All of those symptoms indicate an imbalance and a excess damp. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are used to clear damp and move Qi. Qi (that which gives vitality) this qi cannot move thru phlegm, the damp symptoms of running nose and coughing up sputum and a fuzzy stuffy head are all signs of damp build up. Stopping dairy when you feel at all like a cold is coming on for a few days is a simple method to avoid a more serious cold.

Optimum Health Acupuncture is my practice here in Burlington Vermont since 1998.  I see so many students from UVM for cold and flu. Come in and feel better you will notice a difference with the first Acupuncture treatment. Call 802-859-8900