Turning a Breech Baby

Traditional Chinese Medicine uses moxibustion, a technique which involves the burning of mugwort, a spongy herb shaped like a cigar and smokeless.  The herb is used to move and strengthen qi, which can in turn facilitate the turning of the baby into a downward position. In China, where this practice is common, there is a 75 percent success rate in turning breech babies. The highest success rate is when moxibustion is performed in the 34th week for a period of 7 to 10 days.


I myself experienced it first hand with my third baby. I was in Acupuncture school and had already had two caesareans with my boys. I was a skeptic when my teacher told me of the very high success rate that they have in  China. I had tried an external version, a process where the obstetrician manually tries to turn the baby with my first son and found it stressful and was not going to try that again. I gladly climbed up on the treatment table and she did moxibustion on my pinky toe. For me, it worked very quickly.  The next day I felt a significant flip in my womb. I called my obstetrician and did an ultrasound and much to my amazement my daughter had flipped and was head down. I was thrilled by the outcome. I had a VBAC, Vaginal birth after (two) caesareans.


Using inversion exercises prescribed by your midwife or OB and receiving acupuncture and moxibustion is a wonderful way to address the malposition of your baby you can also help along a transverse presentation.  The treatment  for breech presentation is very soothing and you leave feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated.  


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