Cold And Flu Season Is Upon Us

I often say when explaining Qi to a patient, Qi is unseen but so is the wind, we do not see it move the trees but we know it is doing just that. Qi acts the same way in our bodies. It is unseeable but it moves within us and subsequently generates movement. We can feel it through tremors and convulsing, which are both signs and symptoms of wind. It produces change and speed when things would normally be calm and motionless. Parkinson’s and Arthritic symptoms which wonder and move from body to body part would be considered a wind bi. Wind Pain.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine wind is considered the main culprit in cold and flu. Pernicious wind can enter the body through the skin as an exogenous pathogen (a virus). Wind attacks the upper body and cold symptoms often appear in the head with stuffiness and cough. I would remove an exogenous pathogen with an acupuncture point prescription geared at pushing the virus out of the body, and I would use points to help with a cough and congestion.

Cold and flu medicines sold over the counter dry up the fluids and suppress a cough, but the root cause is not treated and in the end, you end up becoming too dry inside.

Cold and flu are virulent and once inside the body it can interiorize further causing a worsening of symptoms. Acupuncture and Herbs can help with the symptoms of running nose, postnasal drip, headache, congestion, cough, and fatigue.

I tell my patients that the quicker they get in when they catch a cold the quicker I can push out the virus so it does not interiorize, causing a worsening of symptoms.

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